Friday, August 9, 2013

deserting fortheloveofbeef, for the love of beef

I apologize to all of my readers for deserting fortheloveofbeef.

This summer has not went exactly as planned, however we all are healthy, safe and treading water.  The last time I checked in Jake was in Nebraska for much longer than expected and we were in Ohio staying with my bachelor brother.

Three weeks ago Jake came back to Ohio. We were able to spend some time at the Perry County Fair, with friends and family. We left the next week and made good on our promise to take the girls up in the St. Louis Arch.

At this point we don't think they will have our house done by June 1st as promised.  The house project has been a huge discouragement.  The house will be exactly what we want, except it will be about 3 and a half months late being completed.

However time is passing anyway.  The girls start school this coming week.  They are excited and they have been working really hard around the feedyard.  They will enjoy being around people their own age and they will like learning.  Jacie has been a tremendous help writing down weights, while we work cattle.  We are hoping they teach her how to average this year.  Jaelin is learning to drive the Gator. They both have practiced low stress cattle handling, while working cattle through the chute with their flags.

The large EQIP project should begin this coming week and although it would have been nice to be in our home before starting an even bigger project than building a house, life never works as we plan.  At the risk of sounding like a western movie, "we really have to get this project finished before the cold weather gets here".  The girls have been helping tear out an old roping arena where our new manure pond will be located.  I am beginning to wonder if this EQIP project will be completed before our house.

When I find my camera and cord . . . pictures will continue.

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