Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cow Sex.

Jake and I went the night before breeding to get the cows in. This is in avoidance of not being able to get the cows in the next morning.  Oh and it lets us sleep in an extra hour. This is what cows look like as their eggs are being released.  I am sure most people could recognize this from the road.

This is a great sign the night before we are ready to breed cows.  Cows riding each other is a good indication that they are in heat.

This is Jake checking breeding records from last year in effort to make better breeding choices this year.  This is also what happens when you forget your work shoes at home.  You have to borrow your new brother-in-law's boots who is on his honeymoon and can't be reached.  I hope you don't mind Calvin.

I know some of you have been waiting patiently since I left you with all of those follicles bursting So, I begin tonight with the egg being released.

Organs of female reproductive system includes:
(1)Two ovaries- that produce egg cells and female sex hormones.
(2)Infundibulum- received ovum also known as the egg or the female sex cell.
(3)Oviducts/Fallopian tubes/uterine tubes- move the egg cell toward  theuterus, and transport the developing embryo to the uterus. It also is the site of fertilization. After fertilization the embryo also known as the fertilized egg should move to the uterus otherwise there will be a tubal pregnancy.
(4)Uterus- houses the developing fetus and also protects and sustains the life of the embryo during pregnancy.
(5)Cervix- contains opening to uterus. A mucus plug will develop in the end of the cervix if the egg is fertilized. This mucus plug keeps the unsanitary vagina from getting infection through the cervix to the baby calf.
(6)Vagina- receives erect penis during sexual intercourse, serves as birth canal.

(7)Vulva- is external organs of female reproductive system.

Although not part of the female genital tract, the rectum is an important organ, it creates the perfect spot for your arm  to fit inside the cow and allows you to work through this thin-walled organ. The rectum is 10 to 12 inches long and very stretchable. That is important because it is through the rectum that you will manipulate the cervix. The rectum is found right above the reproduction tract and the bladder directly under.

Figure 2. Proper placement of insemination gun to deposit semen in the body of the uterus

Semen Placement
The insemination process is quite straightforward. However, since relatively few sperm cells will be used, their placement is critical. When a bull breeds the cow he will inject billions of sperms, if you are artificially inseminating you may only inject about 25 million. If the bull is breeding the cow the semen will be deposited just behind the cervix in the vagina.The semen should be placed in the body of the uterus just in front of the cervix if you are artificially inseminating.  To achieve the highest possible fertility rate, semen should be deposited at the very front end of the cervix.  To deposit semen at this location requires the use of a special device called an "AI gun."  

They use a lot of gloves oh and semen straws and a few paper towels.

The inseminator places his hand in the rectum and manipulates the reproductive tract so that the gun passes through the vagina, then it is manipulated through the cervical rings, and then held at the internal opening of the cervix for semen release. In adequately restrained cattle this will take 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 

The front end of the vagina forms a circular blind pouch where it joins the backward projecting cervix. This blind pouch is usually from .5 to 1 inch deep, surrounding the entire dome-shaped back end of the cervix. You’ll meet other obstacles once you’re inside the cervical canal. Firm, finger-like projections arranged in three to four circular rings extend into the canal. These cause the passageway to be crooked and contain blind pockets, or dead ends. The circular blind pouch of the vagina and the winding cervical canal with its dead ends are the two major stumbling blocks. 

Since timing is so crucial, we have a lot of help. Meet the help this day:

Steve thaws and keeps track of all the semen going out of the tank and communicates with me on the cow list that I write down making sure we have accurate information on which cow was bred to which bull. Jake gives shots, breeds and sometimes when I write down cow tag numbers I use his internal computer to remember cow numbers that have lost a tag.
Donny Hayes (in the green) helps breed.

Bobby - breeds cows

Robert - Jake's Dad he does everything but breed cows.  He fixes broken things, gives shots, helps find tag numbers, keeps cows coming through the shoot, sorts calves off cows and occasionally will pose for a picture.

Bob and Andy official cow whispers and when they aren't doing that, they solve the world's problems.

Official data entry girl in training. (that's a lap top)

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