Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mother's Day with my Dad

It was Mother's Day weekend and Jake had just realized before leaving for Nebraska that he was not going to be home.  My Mom was working in the Emergency Room.  I thought I would travel to "Perrydise" for the weekend, and maybe take lunch to my Mom at work.  She told me that she would not be guaranteed a lunch and so the girls and I moved to plan B.

I had just signed up to create an Angry Birds Game for the school carnival.  This would mean we would need a sling shot.  Dad and I started building a template on Friday night using a step ladder and a piece of inner tube from an old tractor tire. By Sunday after a Taco Bell lunch, we then moved to a piece of conduit that we bent and screwed into a board.  It was then we decided to go with a thinner inner tube, so we re-cut that. However the board was not long enough to stand on and pull the sling shot back, so we added an extra board. Then as we were testing it, Dad thought there was too much slack in the conduit so we put some boards on the side and then it seemed to launch perfectly.

We made an all call at school for Angry Birds and got them of all sizes.  We tested the sling shot and decided to let the students choose between the larger and medium sized birds.  The game was a hit allowing students to shoot Angry Birds with a sling shot at some cardboard boxes for prizes.  It was the perfect carnival game, it looked easy, but was extremely challenging.

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