About For The Love Of BEEF

Welcome to for the love of beef!  This blog is an evolving story of our journey in the beef  industry.  Meet my husband Jake, our girls Jacie and Jaelin and myself Janice.  This blog includes stories from our cow/calf operation currently in Ohio and our feedyard in Nebraska.  It sometimes discusses opinions on current events and political issues pertaining to farmers and ranchers.  I also sometimes share my questions and concerns for raising two girls to be friendly, polite, God fearing and contributors to society, with an understanding and love for Agriculture. 

Jake and I both grew up in central Ohio on beef operations.  Our Dad's and brother's continue the traditions in our families' operations as we have branched out making our own way. This is a video from our families' farms.

You can read more about our love story through the beef industry, in the series titled for the love of beef throughout this blog.

A few more things about myself that may help you understand my blog as I write.

I believe in God, the higher power. I have a Holy Spirit in training that leads my thoughts and actions. Although, sometimes my being overrides it and I always regret those choices. 

I like honest people that are excited about their life.
I am passionate about helping people reach their goals, dreams and potential.

I give the nicest compliments and the harshest criticisms.
I am the friend you ask if you really want to know _____________.
I don’t give out compliments “willy nilly”, if you get one it is heartfelt and meaningful.

I am sarcastic, blunt and audacious.

I love my husband in what many would say is a Biblical and 1950’s kind of way.  I would follow him anywhere and believe he has talent, personality and character to be a great cattleman .  I am living out his dream with him, mostly because part of it was my dream too - the other part was a bonus.

I feel many country songs were written to describe my life.  I sing them loud and proud, in my car.

I like the kind of hard physical labor that makes you sleep sound at night.

Naps in the middle of the day make me feel guilty.

My challenge in life is to use the talents God has given only me to do something profound for the world, and not pout around about all the things I won’t do because I don’t have the talent.

I don’t want to be wealthy without the heaviness of heart to tithe, give to the appropriate charities and doing something significant for the world.  However I do want to live at least part of my life being able to grocery shop carelessly without a list and a calculator as well as the ability to buy a good pair of boots when I see them.

I resist the urge to discipline other peoples children’s in public (most of the time).
I also resist hugging children that look sad and neglected in public.

I hate dishonesty of any type.

Other people would say . . .

I always appear to look unapproachable. My closest friends hug and love me anyway.

I am family oriented.

that my extremely dry sense of humor is funny - most of the time.

that I am guarded but giving.

I am a realist with a splash of optimism.

Please follow, read, join and comment on fortheloveofbeef.  I respect your opinions and your thoughts on all aspects of the beef industry, life, being a mom and this crazy world we live in.


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  2. I love reading what you write. I read in my mind, with your voice, your sarcasm, and your sincerity. It makes me smile everytime!

  3. Oh Carmen, thanks for reading. It is wonderful when people who know me read. Sometimes I wonder if strangers who read really understand my humor. I hope I don't offend anyone. Are you back to teaching Agriculture?