Monday, July 30, 2012

American Pickers

Jake, the girls and I really enjoy watching American Pickers.  On our trip to our Feed Yard last week with the girls, we stopped to see the home place for the show of American Pickers. Their place is right off I80 as you cross the Mississippi River into Iowa.  This happens to be a half way point for the trip to 4+ Feeders.  Jacie walked right in and spotted a sign on the wall. She said, "I remember when they picked that".

We decided to walk across the street to where Danielle from the show has her own shop.  When we were walking up the hill, Danielle walked in right in front of us.  The girls were excited and she even took a picture with them. If you haven't seen American Pickers, you should tune in - it is a great show.

 *More to come on the working vacation to the Feed Yard this week.


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  2. Tom and the boys are jealous. Blaine wants to go picking with them or have them come to Papa's to pick. That is our family show to watch and when we go to yard sales, Blaine will say"Hey Mike come look at this." Love it!