Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Creek in the Sandhills and the Olympics

Our girls will probably not be Olympic swimmers.  I am alright with this.  However I would like our girls to have basic life skills, included in those would be the ability to swim. We have not been successful in them even getting in the water without their "swim safety gear".  See our recent beach trip blog.  However while we were in Nebraska staying with our partners the Martins, after putting a delicious roast soaked in beer on the grill. We traveled up a dirt road into an area so calm it looked like a private island in the Caribbean where only the rich and famous go.  The clear water and sandy bottom, combined with the beautiful and quiet scenery was paradise.

Jacie decided right there in Birdwood Creek she would go under water for the first time ever.  We have been in pools across this country and the ocean, but this is where she decided would be the place.

Jacie: Did you see me? Did you see me?
Me: No, you better do it again?

Ok, I got it!

Within the same week while at the Lexington Pool she with the help and encouragement of one of my good friends (and former lifeguard) Barb, Jacie decided she could jump off the side of the pool and go completely under the water.  She didn't even hold her nose.  She has made tremendous progress. Who knows you may see her in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Thanks to the Martins for showing us this piece of paradise and a life changing experience on Birdwood Creek.

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