Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Surviving the drought in Nebraska

While visiting in North Platte, Gail Martin helped me get some pictures to share of the North Platte river and the South Platte river.  The North Platte, which is like the main artery of life for Nebraska remains full with water released from Lake McConaughy the main water source for Nebraska that is located in western Nebraska.  These two river merge east of North Platte and then becomes the Platte River. This water moves through the Platte River and through smaller tributaries until it reaches the crops it gives life to.
The South Platte River at Hershey

The South Platte River at North Platte.  I assume these numbers are to measure water and not  weeds.

The North Platte River at North Platte

Although Jake and I only have about 30 acres of corn, it is all located in central Nebraska and that is a good thing this year.  It is doing well and being watered frequently by this water source.  Although it did get a drink last night of 2 inches, thanks to God.

The girls and I checked the corn one afternoon while we were working at the feed yard last week. The crop seems to be doing better than last year with each ear having 16 rows around instead of 14 as it did last year.  We will see how it yields as a total field. Did you know all ears of corn are made with an even number of rows around the cob?  When I was little my grandpa said he would give us 100 dollars if we found an ear with an odd number of rows.  Of course we looked for some genetic malfunction, but never found one.

Today Gail sent me this picture of the Platte River which is east of us 80 miles at Grand Island.

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