Monday, May 21, 2012

Mentor and fellow Cattleman Rick Wyer

I mentioned the other day about trying to make a list of mentors.  The people that have helped Jake and I get where we are today.  I didn't know exactly where to start and how to derive this sort of list.  Then it came to me after receiving the most horrific, sad and disappointing news.  Last night Jake's Dad called to tell him Rick Wyer was killed in a tractor roll over accident while raking hay.  I was so shaken by the news, because he has a wonderful wife and two boys.  I couldn't help but think of all the farm wives including myself that this could happen to.  I also thought this would be an excellent place for Jake and I to start the blogs of thanking people for mentoring us.

Rick has always been a source of information and advice about the breeding of cattle.  Rick although he had no PhD in beef genetics, was outstanding in the field of mating the right cows to the right bulls and raising exceptional offspring.  This bull was just one of them. He also had an eye for finding the great ones.  He did this in the middle of pastures across the country, in show barns, sales and auction rings.  He was a confident, but never arrogant or rude.  He would give an opinion only when he was asked, and then he was never harsh.

WYR Impulse 1 CA Chiangus ACA # 240047

Impulse was the 1999 ACA sire of the year, 1996 National Grand Champion Chi bull at Louisville and Reserve Champion bull at the 1997 Denver Chiangus Classic. This was after pasture breeding cows during the summer of 1996! Impulse offers the flexibility needed in all segments of the beef industry. He has tremendous muscle mass on a long, loose skeletal structure that is moderate framed. Impulse has excellent testicular development measuring 41.75 cm in Denver and that “breeding bull” look. Impulse is out of a Pine Drive Angus dam and was sired by Total Play CAX. 

Not only was he excellent at breeding good cattle.  Rick also sold cattle and mentored many youth, including Jake.  When I started teaching at Logan and students were looking for calves to show at the fair, I went to Rick.  He had calves for every level and at every price.  He helped me find calves for students with the smallest of budgets. I am not sure he knew the impact he made by helping these girls.

Hilary Bailey with a Grand Champion steer Rick helped her find.  Hilary is an Agriculture Education graduate of The Ohio State University.
He helped Ashley Meyer (who later was hired at John Deere and worked with him) find this steer.

He helped Kayla purchase calves and even let us use his scales to check weights.  He became a feed consultant at no extra charge and even dropped of the scales before he went to work.  All for no extra charge. Kayla is studying Agriculture Education in Illinois.

Helped Kristy Klingenberg win Reserve Grand Champion at the Hocking County Fair. She is almost a Junior at The Ohio State University studying Animal Science and hopes to continue on to become a veterinarian. 

He helped Katie Barnhart purchase her first steer project. She is now at The Ohio State University  studying  Animal Science and hoping to continue on for a masters in Animal Science - Equine.
Rick Wyer will be missed by many in agriculture including both the beef and swine industry.  My thoughts and prayer are with the family.


  1. Janice-thank you for such a wonderful tribute to my dear brother. He was loved more than he will ever know. The shock of this horrific tradegy has left us with such pain and a hole in our hearts that will never heal. Rick was an amazing man and I am so very honored to have had the privilege of having him as my brother. With my deepest respect and love..Dora Wyer-Metzger

    1. You are welcome! It was very upsetting to hear such tragic news. I sat down and wrote those thoughts. Apparently over 700 other people have had the same ones. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish there was something more I could do, to ease the pain.

  2. Janice - thank you so much for your fitting tribute to "our mentor" and my brother. I'm so thankful that he was able to touch the lives of my 3 children over the past few years. He dedicated a lot of time to my kids and their projects. And for many years to come they will continue to build from the fundamentals he taught them and make him very proud.