Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wolfinger-Hanes Wedding (part 1)

The rehearsal dinner started Friday at 6PM at St. Mary's in Lancaster.  The church is so beautiful inside and so meaningful for Jake and I because we also got married there and both the girls were baptized there.  After everyone finally got there, the Priest got everyone seated and Calvin's mom was on the phone giving directions about wedding stuff.  The Priest was giving her the evil eye and the person on the other end of the phone was just not taking the hint that she had to go.  We all thought it to be very amusing, not sure the Priest thought so.

Our group had to practice twice, because we didn't get it right the first time or maybe because he thought we needed the practice.

Jacie and Jaelin were so excited to be Aunt Katy's flower girls.

I don't know what they were talking about at this point.  Maybe: Are you sure you have the rings? or Why didn't we elope? or maybe What kind of kiss it would be at the alter?
We then went to Calvin's parents' house for a pork chop dinner. It was delicious. We left as other people were finishing the decorating.  I was worried that the girls were going to be grouchy for the wedding day.

The next morning Jake dropped the girls and I off at the salon to get our hair done at 8AM.  I already feared the long day and how the girls would handle it. The girls played a game of go fish as I got my hair done.

Then Jaelin asked Katy if she could be next. Since Aunt Katy never tells her nieces no, she went next. Jacie got her hair done after that, and I was now hoping Katy would be done in time for pictures.

We now had been at the salon for 3 hours and the girls were doing fairly well.  They now were busing themselves reading some stories about Olivia the pig that Katy and Calvin had bought them.

Then Jaelin got bored with the books and found the camera and took this picture . . .

and this picture . . .

and this picture.

Then I realized she was a decent photographer so I had her take a picture of Jacie and I.

 4 hours in a salon and now we were just goofing off!

Then I took the tutorial on how to remove the veil.  Which was easy.  I really should have taken the tutorial on bustling Katy's dress again. That didn't go so well.
And then we were off to the church . . .

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