Tuesday, August 13, 2013

4+ Feeders a family affair.

Jacie and I spent a big part of the weekend washing the water tanks in the yard.  Jaelin co-piloted the feed truck with Jake most of the time.  Jacie and Jaelin are both learning to drive the Gator, they are cautious and slow drivers.


I really thought after starting this job, Jacie would fade and abandon me to finish the cleaning by myself.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by her work ethic and she actually pushed me to clean "just one more" before we showered for church Saturday night.

To reach the Beef Quality Assurance standard the tanks have to each be drained and rinsed at least weekly.  Most of the time the tank needs scrubbed as the algae grows and is hard to get off.  It takes a lot of elbow grease to get the algae off the tanks.  Jacie scrubs and scrubs.  She climbs right in the tank with her boots on and isn't at all afraid to get filthy dirty making sure the cattle have clean drinking water. Water has to run through the tank clear and clean to meet the BQA standard.


The best part about working with the girls is the conversation.  We chatted about "why cattle poop in their water and why there were whole corn kernels in the water". The discussion of what keeps algae from growing in the troughs lead to what a great science fair project that would be.  We even discussed driving strategies and cattle behavior while traveling from pen to pen.  

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