Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

We miss you a lot.  We wish Nebraska was closer to Ohio.  We know you are working hard finishing a home for us and getting a head start on the EQIP project. Mom told us that we got a few more loads of cattle, that is exciting! We are enjoying the pictures you send. Did you buy a horse?

We can't lie, we have spent most of our time goofing off. We have already seen three movies this summer.  Two of them were outside. We have been swimming a lot.  We have made a lot of new friends and had lunch with some old ones.  We even got invited to go to Bible School this past weekend with some of our new friends.  One night we got to stay overnight at Grammy's.   Grandpa Jim tried to talk us into sleeping in a bed. We don't think he understands the idea of a "camp out", you know when you sleep on the floor in a Tinkerbell sleeping bag.  He did stay up late with us to watch reruns of Duck Dynasty, because he is fun like that.

We have been trying to teach Chip to ride in the wagon, because Jag won't participate in our adventures.  But, they both got sprayed by a skunk, so we don't play with them anymore.

We have been working on our Cloverbud 4-H projects.  We are really good at the cinnamon toast lesson, yesterday we made Jason cinnamon toast in bed.  (He didn't get home to really late from the Kenny Chesney concert)

This week we are staying with Grandma JoEllen. We are also celebrating our country's birthday without you.  Please hurry and get your work done and come back and get us, we are ready to be with you in Nebraska.

Your girls