Friday, June 21, 2013

What is happening in Washington DC?

I just get so confused.  It may be because I spend a lot of my time around the normal population of middle class working Americans. For example, the ones lined up tonight after work to watch their kids jump off the diving board at swimming lessons.  Tonight I find myself wanting to understand this crowd in Washington DC.
Did you vote to fail the Farm Bill?
Are you telling Americans that you are unable to work together as a group to find what is best for all of the population?
Did I hear some of you say, "sorry I can't vote for any of this bill because I don't think it is right to give the state the right to drug test people that receive all of their income from the working class (some of which stand to lose the most from this no vote - the farmers and ranchers)?
Did some of you say we are not voting for the Farm Bill because it will cut 20 billion dollars from the needs of people getting food stamps? Even though YOU could be the task force finding the 20 billion from the fraud within the system.
Did 6 of you elected officials really not bother to vote on this very important issue?
Check this if you want to know how your representative voted.

Of course if you live in Ohio I'll share this list of people that voted against the farm bill with you . . .
If you support their vote you should tell them.  If you support agriculture, the farmers and ranchers you should click on their link and tell them you don't appreciate their vote.
Democrat Joyce Beatty, Representative from Ohio's 3rd District
Republican Steve Chabot, Representative from Ohio's 1st District 
Republican Jim Jordan, Representative from Ohio's 4th District
Democrat Marcy Kaptur, Representative from Ohio's 9th District
Democrat Tim Ryan, Representative from Ohio's 13th District 
Republican Brad Wenstrup, Representative from Ohio's 2nd District

If you are interested in finding more about your representative you can check here Tracking the U.S. Congress.

If I had a vote to cast this week I would have voted yes for the farm bill, for a number of reasons.
- This is the best compromise we have.
- We are way over the deadline with this assignment.
- Americans want me to do my job more than they expect me to be perfect at my job.
- Farming and ranching is the leading industry and one of the most successful in our country right now and the success of that trumps any of the places that money is going.

If you had an individual vote for your area, how would you have voted?  How would you have explained that vote to the people you represent?

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