Friday, June 21, 2013

Life's lesson in patience taught through WAITING

We were supposed to be moving this week or next across the country to our new home in Nebraska.  However like many other things in life, they sometimes don't go as planned.  I am a planner, therefore when my plans are complicated, I usually become anxious and frazzled. I am really impatient and anxious and waiting is not something I do well.  Of course I believe God will cause these hiccups causing me to wait, until I learn to be more patient. So here I am learning to be patient.  

Jake really needed to get to work at the feed yard, so he left at the beginning of the week for Nebraska.  Since my brother was unable to dodge the frequent rain storms to spray the end of his beans, Jake lost his driving partner.

The girls and I are hanging out at my brother's bachelor pad.  My brother moved into the house on the farm where my grandmother lived until she passed away.  Since many of her things are still here and the house needed a good cleaning, it is like an 80 year old woman left and a bachelor moved in and it smells of old people and Axe.  I  have been doing some cleaning and sorting.  However old pictures draw me in and sometimes I do more looking and thinking than I do cleaning.

These are my Great Grandparents and my Grandpa Poorman is in the front. 

The girls have been taking swimming lesson unexpectedly at the same pool I took lessons this week.  I believe they will really help the girls leave the steps at the pool.  We also were able to watch a free outdoor movie last night with my cousin Jamie and her family after being at the pool all day with them.

We spend time hanging out at the farm.  The girls are learning to ride bikes in the driveway that I learned to ride my bike.  Of course I didn't have a Gator to ride around, therefore I believe I practiced riding my bike more.


We have joined the local book club for the summer and are working on our reading skills.  The girls like to read, but not quite as much as they like to go on adventures.

Dad, since you are the "gate man", this gate could be replaced and rehung.  I believe you got your monies worth.

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