Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zoo times two!

I have had the opportunity to attend two field trips for the girls to the Good Zoo.  When I was in Kindergarden I was supposed to go to the zoo, but got the chicken pox the night before and was unable to attend.  I wish these trips could have made up for it, however somewhere the magic was lost.

The bus ride that the students seem to really enjoy, lost it's fun as an adult.

Although I didn't enjoy the super awesome veterinary clinic just inside the zoo as much as the kids, it was well thought out and educational.

The "Up Close With The Animals" workshop was very interesting. However the difference between now and when I would have went to the zoo in 1983 was that before the kids pet the animals they want a pic with their ipod. 

Of course exploring the zoo was enjoyable for everyone.

 Although these trips were not exactly the same as being able to go with your friends when you are five, they were enjoyable. 

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