Monday, May 13, 2013

Ag Gag Bill

I like to read about politics and sometimes I will follow interesting political stories.  Unfortunately I find it difficult to find credible sources that don't become so extreme in their opinions and the swaying of the public.  I hope that one day we will see the media trust Americans again. I believe when I see this trust it will look like facts being presented with the intent to trust Americans' intelligence enough to understand the right and wrong.  It will be like heaven if we also at the same time were able to elect politicians that were able to do their jobs with their full intent to do the right thing, instead of what benefits them. It would be so much easier to understand politics if we knew that politicians never did anything, but what benefited the people.

These thoughts lead me feeling "more confused than cows on astro turf", while studying politics. 

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The Ag Gag Bill that is being introduced into state legislatures across the country. North Dakota, Kansas and Montana already have similar wording in the books.  Utah and Iowa have recently passed legislation which will give people taping or photographing animal cruelty 24-48 hours to turn these pictures and videos to authorities and subsequently reporting the matter.  This would then end the ability of the animal activist groups to be hired to work with animals undercover to collect videos and pictures and then edit them to create news worthy pieces to try to end livestock production.  The question remains in my mind of why you would watch animals being abused and continue taping it sometimes for weeks and never turn them in? 

I believe most farmers and ranchers are open to sharing their stories, farms, ranches, feedyards, when asked.  I hope that more media will help to share the positive stories of the humane treatment of livestock for the use of feeding the world. 

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