Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer is here - finally!

Summer is here finally.  We celebrated with one of our favorite summer activities, Jake likes to call it Road Farmin'.

There are only a few simple rules for Road Farmin'

1. You need snacks.  We like to find new/old/interesting ice cream places.

The girls want me to post they were posing like the Statue of Liberty.  But, you probably already guessed that.
 2. You should probably also fill your tank up with fuel.  Unless of course your kids aren't with you and then like Brad Paisley says "on second thought forget it, that one turns out kinda cool".

3. The next rule of the game is to try to get lost.  While you are lost, let the kids decide if you should turn left or right.  They will think it matters, and we let them believe it does. It is important to explore new roads, especially the ones that have no names.

4. Make sure you bring a camera and find the most majestic places to picture.


  1. Hi, I recently found you blog and I just wanted to comment that I intend to do this on Saturday! It looks like you had a lovely drive. Sometimes I take backroads, but I have never deliberately just picked a direction and taken backroads at ramdom and I have wanted to do this for a while. My son is only 16 months so not really old enough to enjoy it, so I am dragging my sister along. My husband will be busy planting (we are a dairy farm). With this weekend being a long weekend I thought it would be the perfect time!

    1. Hello Country Lady. Welcome to fortheloveofbeef. I hope you enjoy your drive this weekend. We have been doing this since the girls were newborns. I am sure your son will enjoy the drive in his own way - probably by napping ;). Enjoy your long weekend and good luck with the corn planting.