Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reaping One Last Seed

I received a surprising email about a month ago from the Ohio FFA Association inviting me to attend a retiring State FFA Officer reunion in May 2, 2013 as Kayla Starlin's former FFA Advisor.  It was such a pleasant surprise as I hadn't taught at Logan since 2010.  It was so thoughtful of Kayla to include me in her special weekend.

I have taught some truly remarkable students over the years.  I thoroughly enjoy every letter, card, email, phone call, facebook message and tweet keeping me updated on their accomplishments and sometime disappointments.  Selfishly it is nice to be remembered and included in your lives.  Thank you all for keeping me in the loop.

As I sat in the audience at the State FFA Convention today with a mother of one of my former students, she was reminding and pointing out all of the outstanding students I have had the privilege to teach over the years. There have been outstanding leaders and many good souls. They are too numerous to count. It has been a blessing.

Included in this picture with me is my former teaching partner Andrew Delong, Kayla and my former student and current Agriculture Education teacher with Andrew, Jeremy Grove.  

Kayla I couldn't be more proud to have been able to be your teacher and advisor. I hope you enjoy a fantastic convention and  I look forward to all of your wonderful accomplishments yet to come.

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