Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful day for a beautiful celebration.

Although I was secretly praying for rain for Jacie First Communion Celebration, it turned out to be a beautiful day for a beautiful celebration.

Jacie was making her first communion and since planting season is behind schedule I was sure if it didn't rain we would have a poor turnout.  However, to my surprise my brother left the tractor seat and planting to attend his Goddaughter's special day.  May God Bless his crop and give him plenty of sun to keep on planting this week. Aunt Katy, Jacie's Godmother was able to bring her brand new daughter for her first road trip to the special event and along with her came Aunt Leslie and Payton in order for Uncle Andy to stay home at the Wolfinger Farm to keep the tractor wheels turning.

My parents along with Jake's parents also made the trip leaving the farm behind.  My cousins Jamie and Julie who I spent many church hours with also came with Bryer, Kinnley and Luke (for their second church service of the day).  My sister Jenny made the four hour trip one way with her two boys for the celebration.

We appreciate all of the support and the celebration that you each brought to Jacie's First Communion.

Jacie has learned so many wonderful things about her faith and continues to teach me.  She had a remarkable teacher with years of experience preparing students for First Communion.  Jacie came home the other day telling stories about being very careful with the "body of Christ" or the hosts.  She said, Mrs. DeVendra told them a story about a "communion helper" that tripped and dropped the hosts.  She then said, "Mrs. DeVendra told them, you can't just through Jesus away".  No Jacie you can't just through Jesus away that is for sure.  A special thank you to Mrs. DeVendra for continuing leading Jacie to Jesus and teaching her so many things this year about her faith and being a good person.

After leaving the church with our family we enjoyed some great food, farm talk and a ride through the cows with everyone under the age of nine and a few chaperones (thanks Aunt Leslie).

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