Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Calving and Euchre

Do you remember learning to play Euchre?

Jake called the other night after I had started cooking supper, because he thought he may need an extra hand pulling a calf.  I shut off the stove and the girls and I loaded up.  By the time we arrived Jake literally just needed an extra hand and my brute strength to help pull. The cow was down, making it difficult to use a calf jack. In about five minutes we were done and headed back to finish supper.  After supper Jake mentioned he thought she may have been able to have the calf herself.  I was thinking that could be a 1000 dollar risk.  My thought is we are there, lets just help her.  The calf looked big to me - probably overdue.

After dinner this made me think of an analogy for calving - Euchre.

A live calf that is ready to grow with a good mama with a perfect udder trumps everything - like the right bar.
A dead calf with a dead mama is like an off suit 9.

You get the idea.

So, I told Jake a big live calf trumps a dead calf everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.


  1. Yes, we LOVE to play Euchre!!

  2. The game of euchre..... ha ha ha nice analogy..... but it i think it is important to make sure that the calf gets the better end of it always.... or else in the game of dairy farming we farmers have to pay a heavy price.