Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Baby Bother!

Today my Baby Bother turns 33. I started calling him my baby bother to the girls, when they watched a show called Olivia.  Olivia the main character who is a pig has a younger brother she calls her "baby bother".  I told the girls that I have a baby bother and his name is Jason.  They asked why he was a baby bother.  I told them because he used to take my Barbies and take their heads off.  I didn't tell him later when I had to drive him to school he would put my car in neutral so when I would push on the gas it would rev up the engine.  He mostly does anything that irritates me - because he is my baby bother and he is very good at it.  However, he taught me to drive, has been their to move me (on several occasions), loves his nieces (as long as he doesn't have to change diapers, wipe butts or cook for them), he is my husbands best friend and also works for free at the feedyard.  He is spending his Happy Birthday evening hauling manure for Poorman Farms.  We love you Uncle Jason and Happy Birthday!  

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  1. This is too cute! Of course bdays deserve an extra shout-out! Happy bday to him :)