Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spontaneous Calf Feeding Fun

On the way to the bus stop to pick our girls up, I called the other mom's that pick up their kids there and said I would take them for a few hours.  It was spontaneous, mostly because suddenly I realized heck it's Friday, the sun is out and I have a few free moments. I called Jake on the way back to the ranch and he said great! Then he said "I have two orphan calves in the barn can you guys feed them"? The kids screamed with excitement!

Celia came over last year and helped feed a calf once.  However she jumped right in and fed the hungry calf like she had done it a thousand times.

Jake and I gave Colleen (a first timer) a few instructions about feeding a bottle to a calf . . .
Keep the bottle pointed down, so the milk flows to the nipple.  If you don't the hungry calf thinks it's empty causing it to ram the bottle into your leg or stomach depending on your height.  I explained to Colleen, that is how the calf gets the milk to come down in it's mamas udder. 

As you can tell the intelligent and animal lover Colleen fixed the problem and the feeding continued.

Joshua had a great time feeding the newest calf it's first bottle with Jake. But then . . .

 the calf got up and the bottle got heavy and he said "how do I get out of here?"

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  1. What a treat for non farm kids! So nice of you to do that.