Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving Cow/Calf Pairs to Greener Pastures

Jake and I spent the morning moving cows that have calved from the calving pasture to the "kick-out" fields. This mornings work in the pasture I have often called Marriage Counseling, where Jake and I go to work on our communication skills.

Today as we were moving the mamas with their calves, I began to realize many life lessons are learned when moving these creatures.

1. Life is easier when you point the cow in the right direction and let her find her own way to the gate hole. (even if it seems a little out of the way)
2. The calf almost always follows the mama cow.
3. Marriages are made stronger in the pasture field.

** These pictures are from last year. I couldn't help but post the beauty of the green pastures. Still waiting for the green pastures of 2013.**

1 comment:

  1. the productivity of your dairy farming products is directly proportional to the lush green pasture that where the cattle grazes....
    well in we are from madhya pradesh, India.... and its rare we find the lush green pasture... Most of the time it is hard for the dairy farming to fetch water for basic amenities... now i know why my cows produce such less quality milk.