Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Outlaw Cows

The girls, Jake and I went for a Sunday afternoon drive to check a group of cows he moved at the end of last week and to check fences along the roads.

We found 5 outlaws.  Cows are herd animals and therefore they generally stay with the group, they establish a pecking order and a leader.  When cows are moved from one field to another usually the lead cow will lead the herd to the next pasture. It seems though like with people, that there are cows that seem to be outlaws.  They share an attitude of "we do what we want".
Here are two of the outlaws we spotted through some trees.

This is a third outlaw who was on the road (that leads to know where). You can tell on her face she is saying "I do what I want".

This is where they are supposed to be with the rest of the group.  They are outlaws and have no leader and they all share an attitude of "I do what I want".  This means driving them back to the group will be difficult.

I will say, like with people not all 5 of these cows are rebels or outlaws, a couple of them may just have started following the wrong crowd.

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