Monday, January 7, 2013

INSANITY until . . . calving season

Jake is terrible at remembering my birthday, our anniversary, and usually forgets to shop for Christmas until Christmas Eve night.  Therefore I can count on one hand how many surprise gifts he has given me. For some reason he decided this year he would take the girls Christmas shopping and they bought me several nice gifts including these new running shoes.

I haven't had running shoes on in a long time and haven't bought new running shoes in almost a decade.  I really liked them.  But then, a few weeks after Christmas Jake started talking about getting out these Insanity DVD's he bought two years ago.  When we lived at the feedyard he bought these and we did them for about two weeks and then quit. I am now starting to believe that the shoes were not really a gift.


Jake played football and basketball until about seventh grade when they started cutting into his farming time, with practices.  His thought process was something like you want me at football practice in the afternoon, sorry I have hay to bale. He was probably better off because he went to the same high school as Bobbie Carpenter who played for The Ohio State University and now plays in the NFL.

My athletic career included a couple years of cross country and track.  I mostly joined these teams because they don't cut kids from the team.

Although I understand the importance of eating healthy and exercising, I don't live a lifestyle that shows that I care about either one.  I am such a picky eater that changing my diet is almost impossible.  Exercising is time consuming and there seems to always be a scheduling problem.  There are just so many reasons not to bother.

1. morning is to early and I am to tired at night
2. we don't have the right space
3. it hurts
4. it makes me tired
5. the kids
this list could go on and on

Jake has picked up some weight in the last two years.  He believes because his work is different and he isn't burning as many calories as he use to.  He also blames late night snacking on me (which I don't deny) and for adding a few of his extra pounds.

I don't really want to exercise, I don't feel the payoff will be big enough to be worth it.  However I love Jake and I want to make sure he outlives me, and so I will do the Insanity workout for as long as he wants to do it.  I also don't think it will last long.  Day one I couldn't breathe and day two I couldn't walk.  Jake is moving a little slower too.  Calving season is just about a month away. I am counting on him quitting and not making it through calving season.


  1. Ha ha! Hello there ma'am! I just found you're blog and am loving your way of looking at the world. I'm a farm girl and Agriculture teacher in South Louisiana and am also training for my second half marathon, I so know what you mean about having the "don't wants" when it comes to exercising. Good luck :)

    1. Amber, it sounds like you need to join Team BEEF USA. Check us out at or on Facebook (Team BEEF USA). There is no cost to join. It's just a loosely-affiliated group of beef-loving athletes from around the country.

    2. Sounds great! Thanks so much for the recommendation!! I definitely love my beef cattle and running so sounds perfect!

    3. Amber - Thank you for reading fortheloveofbeef. I am so glad there are people in the trenches teaching Agriculture Education. Keep up the good work!! Good luck training for the half.

  2. This is hilarious because I could see my boy doing the same thing! We've got calving coming up soon too so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't start now because he'd use the excuse that he wouldn't stick with it.

    1. Kelsey thanks for reading. What kind of cattle do you calve? When does your calving season start? Unfortunately after Jake read this blog he is now motivationally mad. Looking like we may be pushing through calving season. :)

  3. Janice, I love how you say, "Jake picked up some weight"! I "picked up" a little weight in my 20s, too. About 70 lbs. worth. It's a lot easier to pick up than drop it. So strap on those cool new shoes and do it...for Jake's sake! Believe, me, you'll both be a lot happier when you hit your 30s and 40s and your metabolism slows down :)


    1. Daren, those are his words not mine. I believe you may be right the 30's will be rough. ;)