Friday, January 11, 2013

Sunrise Pictures

I post a lot of sunrise pictures on Facebook.  There are several reasons behind my sunrise pictures.

- There is something inspiring about a sunrise.  A new beginning.  The fact that you have awaken for a new day and can spend the day accomplishing whatever you set out to do.  At this time, it is usually too early to decide if the day will be a good or bad day.

- Sunrise pictures are not confrontational.

- Most mornings are a battle of getting the girls to put their clothes and shoes on independently.  Making sure everyone has something healthy in their belly, before we get moving.  We struggle to get out the door on time.  Sometimes I will tell the girls we have to hurry, so we can get to the top of the hill to get the picture of the sunrise.  There are times they buy into my plan and other times, they don't care if we get the picture or not. The best times are when the girls pick out the sunrise and say "oh that's a good one, put it on Facebook".  There is nothing like a lesson in noticing the little things in life.

- There is another reminder of the sunrise that comes from the Opening Ceremonies of all FFA meetings, banquets and conventions, where the Vice President asks the Advisor: "Why is the president so stationed?" (Stationed by the rising sun) and the Vice President says: "The rising sun is the token of a new era in agriculture. If we will follow the leadership of our president, we shall be led out of the darkness of selfishness and into the glorious sunlight of brotherhood and cooperation." This saying is timeless, inspirational and oh so very true.

What do sunrises mean to you? Where have you watched your favorite sunrise?

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