Sunday, January 13, 2013

Watching history unfold.

We live where fifty years ago they mined coal from the earth. There were many families in this area that were raised, fed, clothed, housed and educated with coal money.   They now have advancements in equipment to mine a different layer of coal. They are now mining some of this land for the second time.
the remnants of a train trestle 

They also are mining limestone. Possibly the newest and most controversial item to be mined from the earth here in eastern Ohio is oil and gas.  The one thing that remains constant about this ground, that only seems to be good for mining what is under it, is that it can also be used to graze cows.  It is too steep and the soil is much to poor for crop production.  I would like to point out to anyone at this time that thinks all the earth should be planted with vegetables and we should all become vegetarians, that some soils are not suited for crop production.  The approximately 16,000 acres of reclaimed land that would give us very few vegetable crops, weans approximately 900,000 pounds of beef per year.

People most certainly do not want to live in this part of the county. This leaves many of the old haul roads built by the coal industry abandoned and very useful to move cows from pasture to pasture.  Because of all the things listed abovet the cows and wildlife continue to enjoy the pastures here.

The pipeline is starting to be built and I am offering these pictures.  These are the pictures the media doesn't show you.

The pipe is laid out.  This silo was from the pre first round of coal mining era. Jake said  "you  are like a reporter showing this silo, making it look like the gas and oil is taking out old farm steads".  This most certainly isn't the case.  I just liked the silo, to bad it can't talk.

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