Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jake's Neos

People may begin to think this a shoe blog.  It really isn't.  However I am sharing these boots with all of my readers who spend a lot of hours outside.  Jake goes through a lot of shoes and boots.  There are two reason for this.  The first is because when he wants to go somewhere, like a muddy lot to check on a calf, into a creek to check on a crossing, or into ankle deep crap to sort cattle, he does, with no regard to the shoes he is wearing.  The second reason is because he never sits still and walks numerous miles in whatever shoes that are on his feet. Oh the places he goes.  

Two winters ago he purchased black Muck Boots and they hurt his ankles really bad, apparently they were not athletic enough. Last winter he bought Under Armour boots similar to Muck Boots.  He is still wearing those frequently.  However on his trip to Nebraska while staying with his buddy Vern who works as a lineman for a power company, he found these.  He purchased a pair and really likes them.  I can't wait to see how they hold up.  What kind of winter shoes are you wearing in the snow, mud and manure?  My second question is does anyone else believe that manure eats shoes?

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