Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update from 4+ Feeders

While Jake, my brother Jason and his Dad Robert were at the feed yard last week, they worked on several tasks.  They also apparently went out to eat a lot. You will be delighted that tonight's blog is more like a picture book. ENJOY!

A beautiful sight, during a drought in Nebraska.

In the process of putting in electric to a couple extra water tanks. They found a tree.  Jake of course thinks they are like swamp loggers,  when they find trees under the water and they are worth a lot of money. I am sure when trees are buried under a feed yard for 50  years they are suddenly worth thousands.

Smile for the camera.

There was of course a trip or two to Tub's Pub .  They go all out with their Christmas decorations. 

Jake, Jason and Robert stay with Vern and Jody Luft when they go to the yard.

Expansion at the yard has included a few calves on stocks.

Another part of 4+ Feeders 2012 expansion was leasing another yard. 

We heart beef cattle.

A truck pulling out after dropping a load of calves.

Jason and Robert saddling horses.

TR getting Robert reading to ride.

I love calves lined up at the bunk.

Postcard Perfect

My brother comes to the feed yard to play cowboy about three times a year. Nice chaps and spurs Cowboy Poorman.

Feeling very blessed that our partner/nutritionist Jeremy Martin has stock piled enough feed to get us through drought of 2012. 

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