Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Feed your Dreams and Starve your Fears

Jake and I had never been to New York City.  When the USFRA invited us to attend the Food Dialogues in the Big Apple, we did.  This is part of my challenge of feeding my dreams and starving my fears.  I don't necessarily like traveling to bigger cities.  It makes me nervous.

However I do like to travel to:
1. See how other people live
2. Try some new foods (mostly beef)
3. Spread the word of production agriculture
4. have time to spend with Jake
5. to feel the sense of relief and satisfaction upon returning home

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

It was crowded and I always felt like I was in someone's way.

Jake and I's first hot pastrami sandwich. It was delicious. 

Times Square - Wow!

This picture does not do the plate of meat we were served for dinner justice.  This smoked beef brisket we had, may have been the single best piece of meat I have ever eaten. I had thirds.  We ate family style with the finalists, Danny Boome and a video crew.  The girl across from me who was on the video crew, was a vegetarian.  I was never so glad to share a table with a vegetarian.  I think that is how I got thirds of the beef brisket. 

A view from our hotel room.  The cabs beep their horns a lot.  It almost seems like it is code for something.  In rural areas there are only two kinds of beeps the two short beeps (beep beep) which is hello.  Then there is one long beep, usually followed by the wave of one finger which means the other driver is disgusted by your driving ability. In NYC there is just a lot of short beeps.

Jake and I ate breakfast with a few of our closest friends (just kidding we really didn't know any of these people).  We were discussing the similarities of feed yards and NYC.  The bunk space in this cafe was clearly less than 12" per person. Clearly their was not enough room for all of these people to eat here. In the other direction was the street.  I told Jake I saw more people in 30 seconds outside this window than I usually see all day when I am at home.

Stay tuned to my next adventure of Feed your Dreams and Starve your Fears.


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