Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas, snow, cows and grass

We left for "Perrydise" shortly after the girls opened their gifts on Christmas morning.  We had a Christmas party at Jake's parents' home, Christmas night.
Our nephew Payton

The girls and their American Girl Doll clothes

Jaelin, Payton and Jacie

We then left before the snow and ice came to spend the evening with my parents.  The following day we celebrated Christmas with my family minus my sister who was snowed in, north of Lima.

Jake has been sick for the last two days with a cold and fever.  Jake doesn't get sick often, however when he does it is miserable for all of us.  He can't sleep and he complains a lot.  I don't think I complained that much the entire time I was giving birth to both of his children.  It would have been better if he was at home, because he would have just went outside and worked through it.

My brother in true bachelor fashion promised the girls he would take them sledding this morning after they delivered some cull cows.  I thought they wouldn't have time to get everything done this morning, I also knew they would not let him forget that he promised them a sled riding trip. Much to my surprise, he pulled into the driveway just as we were and he pulled the kids out of his truck and sent them down the hill a few times, keeping his promise.

We met back at the farm, as we needed to get back to eastern Ohio, with the snow that hit, Jake was anxious to check on some cows.

By the time we got half way back, Jake wanted me to drive. However when we arrived home as sick as he was he went right to work.  He jumped on the 4-wheeler to check the cows. Then he decided to close in a hole with the backhoe and clear the driveway.  I am now thinking he just didn't want to drive, but really wasn't that sick. :)

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