Friday, December 28, 2012

The girls and their Dad

By mid-morning, with most of the Christmas decorations down and part of my house cleaned, the girls were bored.  I texted Jake who was fixing fence somewhere, to ask if he had anything the girls could help him with.  He had just the job for his girls, like he usually does.  It is really important to me that Jake spends time with the girls.  It is really easier for everyone that they just stay with me.  They play, I clean, cook and do paperwork.  He can get his outside work done easier and faster without everyone tagging along, BUT the father and daughter relationship  is so crucial, and I talk so much about it to Jake that he obliged me.

Jake took the girls to go track down a charger for an electric fence. They also had some hay to unroll for some cows.  Last winter there was very little hay fed here, because it really didn't snow and the cows grazed most of winter followed by an early spring and early grass growth.  However with snow on the ground and more forecasted for tonight. I am beginning to think this winter may be a little different.

"I hear the tractor ladies, lets go"

All the hay is neatly unrolled down a hill, where the cows get in line numerically to eat.

Here they come, get in order ladies.

Here they are lining up by number.

Ok just kidding . . . they just crowd in, but there is plenty of hay for all of them.

even the late ones

We just came for the sled riding!

They apparently took a timeout from feeding the cows for some sled riding.

perfect form - Jaelin

snow angels

crash and burn
This is what Christmas Break is all about.

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