Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poorman Christmas Tradition

We have had a Poorman Christmas since forever.  The Poorman family is very small, my dad has only one other brother. There are only six grandchildren on that side of our family.  Grandma Poorman had great food and made excellent homemade noodles and no one missed Christmas.  As we started dating, we were allowed to bring our "friend" to Christmas.  We had to make reservations ahead of time.  She would set an extra place setting and she had to buy them a gift, because that was the proper thing to do.

Our "friend" was not protected from any comments that our Grandma Poorman made.  These comments included wearing hats in the house, not helping carry things in or out of the house, not eating, being late, and many other things. So I invited a "friend" a time or two.  Basically if they could make it through an interview with Grandma Poorman then they were worth keeping around. There was one time that my "friend" did not show up. She was mad. She wouldn't let it go, two years later we were still talking about "what kind of person, can't show up for a family meal".  By this point everyone was thinking, we got it Grandma, and he dumped her a year ago. (thank goodness or we would still be talking about it)

We had what might be our last  Poorman Christmas last year. Since Grandma passed away last November, traditions change, people are busy and it is hard to get everyone together.  Until I see all of my Poorman cousins and their growing families again, here are a few memories from the past.

Jodi, Jenny, Janice, Jamie and Jason

Front Row: Jason, Janice and Jodi Back Row: Jenny, Grandpa Poorman and Jule, Jamie

Grandma made us all dolls for Christmas (except Jason of course)
Front Row: Julie, Jason and Jodi
Back Row: Janice, Jenny and Jamie
Jenny, Jamie, Janice, Jason, Jodi and Julie

Jenny, Jamie, Janice, Jason, Jodi and Jason

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