Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Shotkoski Family and Hay Co.

We moved to Nebraska at the end of June in 2010. With the wrapping up of a 10 year teaching career and Jake tying up what he had going on at the farm, we forgot about the grass growing at the feed yard in Nebraska.  So, when we pulled in at the yard the grass was waist high and a total embarrassment.  Our basic lawn mower was not going to take care of the landscaping we were going to need to do. Jake called Bill, who he barely knew to see if he could rent a tractor and mower to brush hog the feed yard.  Bill said of course and then didn't charge us. I assumed it was a mistake.  But then I didn't know Bill.  

The Shotkoski's soon became the company we bought hay from for our feed yard.  Our cash flow was minimal so Jake would call for hay when we needed it, instead of stock piling large amounts.  Many times it would be at the last minute, because we would get cattle shipped we didn't know about.  They always made accommodations to get us hay quickly, even though our feed yard was small and they had much bigger clients to serve.  There was even a time when our tractor was broke down and he would send one to load the hay to grind.

The Shotkoski's are just good people, the kind of people that do something nice for people they don't even know.  They have been a good source of information, advice, equipment, tools, friendship and even a beer in their kitchen. The thank you today goes to the Shotkoski Hay Company and Family for great Nebraska hospitality.


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    1. What do you mean by "never knew that opinions could be this varied"? Thanks for reading for the love of beef.