Monday, November 19, 2012

Barb Gydesen

Eleven more days of wonderful people in our lives.

It was one of my first days of teaching at Lexington High School and Jacie's first day of Kindergarden in her new school. I went into the main building for lunch and had my first real conversation with Barb, in the hallway.  I was talking about my sadness in my first child going to Kindergarden and she ironically was talking about her oldest starting college.  We had an instant connection.

Barb is a great source of advice and a constant flow of positive energy through my life.  If you are a young mom without an experienced mom as a friend, you are missing out.  Barb warns me about things I should look out for, but most importantly she reminds me about the things I should slow down and enjoy.

Barb now opens her home to my family when we go to the feed yard.  The girls adore her and she couldn't be better for them.  She took them swimming this summer, while I was working at the feed yard and got them to go under the water and jump off the side.  She taught them more about swimming in one hour, then they had learned their whole life. Being a Family and Consumer Science teacher she is naturally crafty, so Barb and her daughters helped my daughters make these tie dye t-shirts.

The Wolfinger and Gydesen Girls

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