Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Amy Poth-Moore

Amy Moore's name really isn't hyphenated, except for in my world.  I have actually known her longer as Amy Poth than as Amy Moore and I have now had her in my life longer than I haven't.  Probably the most amazing thing is that she has been in my life through the biggest changes of my life.  To say we are the same people that we were when we met, would be vastly untrue. I would like to believe we have evolved into new and better forms of ourselves and yet still have learned to appreciate the changes.

Amy and I both received our State Degrees and were elected to the Ohio FFA Officer Team in May of 1995.  This was the last convention held at The Ohio State University Campus in Mershon Auditorium. Oh and how I would have enjoyed taking a bus load of students to High Street (insert sarcasm).  I had been driving all of seven months, when we were elected.  Amy and I were the youngest members of the team and soon found out we lived only one county away. Our parents forced us to be driving partners.  My car didn't have a radio and was really old and semi reliable.  Amy soon volunteered to drive so she didn't have to ride in my car.  That was fine with me because I was a better map reader and navigator.  (this was of course before GPS, for my younger readers) This was the beginning of a friendship, but also the beginning of realizing that Amy and I couldn't be more opposite, but made wonderful co-pilots.  Amy is a person of detail and I am more of a person of big picture. This proved to be valuable several times over the years.

The following fall Amy and I each finished high school, as we were making plans to attend The Ohio State University.  We lived one floor apart in the dorms.  We both received our American Degrees at the last National Convention in Kansas City. We both graduated in Spring of 2000 one seat apart, since I was Poorman and she was Poth.

Then we helped plan each others weddings and became Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Wolfinger.  Our husbands had a lot in common and we soon started hanging out together.

We soon were both teaching Agriculture Education and putting in long hours as FFA Advisors.  We planned trips to FFA Camp, FFA Convention and helped each other coach, judge and understand the rules of the Career Development Events.

Amy and I started working on our Masters of Education together through computer courses and our very small Ag Teacher only study group. We each had two girls and our families hung out together more and more. Amy even helped me pack for our big move to Nebraska.
Amy and Jacie

I can't wait to see what is next for our friendship.

Side note - for spending a whole year of our life in official dress together, why do I not have one picture of us in official dress together?    

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