Thursday, November 22, 2012

Grandpa Poorman - Happy Thanksgiving

My Grandpa, Jim Poorman passed away in October of 1994. Grandpa was the building block of my love for Agriculture.  He had to drop out of high school as a junior, when his dad passed away and he took over the farm.  Grandpa worked his entire life building and growing the family farm.  Although nobody talked about it at the time he was making Poorman Farms sustainable and making a place for his two sons.

My Grandpa Poorman raised turkeys for many years.  This is a picture of him the year he raised about 1000 of them.  He donated turkeys to the Somerset United Methodist Church for their annual turkey supper.  That was one of his ways of tithing.  Many of the turkeys were bought by local families for their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.  When I was little I remember the butchering days and people stopping to pick up their birds for their family celebrations. When my brother in I were in elementary school we would get on the bus at the farm.  We would get the turkeys to follow us in the pasture next to the driveway down to the bus stop, then we would gobble at them really loud and they would gobble really loud back.  We would get them gobbling really loud for when the bus driver opened the door.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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