Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping Crew

I enjoy shopping with my Black Friday Shopping Crew.  This year it was my sister Jenny, my cousins Jamie, Jodi and Julie, my aunt Carol and me.  We did something we haven't done before and ran two legs. We went out Thursday night, came home went to bed for a few hours and went back out on our usual trip at 5:30 AM.  As we went shopping we found ourselves waiting and visiting thus giving us time to design these rules for Black Friday Shopping.

You should not be Black Friday Shopping  . . .
 - if you can't wait in line for an hour without smoking.
 - if you are not sober.
 - if you are not current on all of your bills.
 - if your Christmas Shopping is already done.
(people waiting in hour long lines talking about their Christmas shopping already done, What?)
 - if you can't find a babysitter.
(people shopping with their children, telling them they can't have any of it until Christmas, What?)
 - if you shop with logic.
(trying to find the line for electronic items, the clerk says "that starts in produce".  What?)
- if you have trouble finding your car in a parking lot on a normal day.

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