Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Mom and Dad

With six days of thanking great people in my life, still in no particular order obviously.  I am thanking my parents Jim and Joanne Poorman.  They have loved me, educated me, and helped me.  They just got back from a trip to Dyersville (not my Mom's idea of a vacation) where Dad competed in the National Toy Show display contest and won.  Since there are not a lot of hotels in Dyersville if you want to stay in the community that shuts down for this Toy Show, you sign up to stay with families.  Again this was not my Mom's idea of a vacation.  However I am happy to report that Mom had a wonderful time, she was glad to meet the people they stayed with, and was even more excited to be there for Dad's win. My Mom is a good sport.

Those are nice flags - Dad! (Dad had me make these (not the American flag) right before he packed to leave. 

I will type a guest blog from my Dad on this piece - only one real black MF combine in the country.  Interesting story.

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