Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lynn Horn

I can't actually pin point the actual date and time of when I met Lynn.  I taught two of her sons. She also bought numerous animals through the Hocking County Fair sale ring where I use to hang out ringing the sale.  There were times near the end of the bunny sale I would look in her way, hoping she would buy just one more bunny, to make the sale end. She always did.  There was also the fact that every fall I would call hoping she would employ another student from the Agriculture Business program.  It would be hard to count the amount of students she employed through that program.   She has a soft heart for rural kids and programs and it is hard for her to say no to those kids. She recently told me that this would be her last year as a 4-H Advisor and I laughed, she told me that five years ago.  I am ashamed to say that knowing that, I took advantage of it and asked on more than one occasion for help for the FFA students. I don't think she ever told me no.

However, it wasn't until working with her through these activities, did I realize her complex, knack, aptitude and business savvy. Lynn is obviously really smart. However her ability to combine that with the building of several family businesses (with the help of Luke her husband) has lead her to a level that is not seen everywhere.  I often call her for practical business advice. Mostly because she has specific answers that come with years of experience and an outcome for the different avenues.  That and she doesn't charge by the hour like our lawyer and accountant. I am really surprised that a local college hasn't figured out that she should be teaching business courses.  However she was a nurse and as far as I know has no formal training in business.  Unfortunately yet another fault of our education system, instead of finding someone to train others that have been successful in the area, we hire educators that have been schooled through books.

Lynn is a classy, intelligent lady, that I am glad I met along life's journey.  I am proud to call her my friend.

 If you are looking for a place to take your family and/or horse this is it.  A great place to enjoy the Hocking Hills and Old Man's Cave.
Three Reasons Farms and Trails End Cabin, Hocking Hills, Ohio

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