Sunday, November 4, 2012

Robert and JoEllen Wolfinger

Jake's parents did a super duper tremendously great job raising a wonderful son, that I now call my husband.  He is a great dad and husband and it all started with their parenting.

Robert and JoEllen are good people.  Robert is one of the friendliest easiest going men I know.  He also can't say no.  So when a neighbor calls to borrow equipment, needing help or advice he almost always says yes.  JoEllen is a loyal friend.  JoEllen loves our daughters and they love her and really enjoy spending time with her.  They like to go out to eat and shop with Grandma JoEllen.

Last night we organized a surprise 35th Wedding Anniversary party for Robert and JoEllen.  I really thought when we started planning that someone would accidentally  tell them - but no one did and we pulled it off.

We used the farm shop at the farm where I grew up. We roasted a hog and we had some help from a few family members and friends bringing in side dishes.  There were about 80 people who helped celebrate their anniversary.

The scam - Jake and I told them earlier in the week, to meet us in Zanesville for dinner.  That day JoEllen started texting me about where we should meet and where we wanted to eat.  I continued the charade through the day.  We also asked them to stop at the farm and pick up a "check" from my brother.  Late in the day, she called to say she could be there at 5:30.  We didn't want her there until 6.  I texted her back to say, Oh I don't think Jason will be there until 6.  The clock rolled around and it was now 6 and they weren't there.  One of the best thing about Jake and I's families is that they get along very well.  Jason and Robert talk often on the phone. So, Jason called Robert and said "hey where are you at?" Robert said "we are in Rushville".  They showed up at a little after 6 to a shop with more than just Jason there and very surprised.

Front - Jacie and Jaelin
Second Row - Me, JoEllen, Katy (with 20 week baby), Payton and Andy
Back Row - Jake, Robert, Calvin, Leslie


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