Monday, November 5, 2012

2 Samuel

I have spent the entire time I have been reading this book wondering why they didn't call it David.  Could someone please tell me why?

Basically the book is another story thriller (could be a blockbuster sequel to 1 Samuel, starring Matt Damon of course) with another rise and fall of a great leader.  These stories seem to all be the same.  There is a man with very little, that seems to follow God's direction and authority over their life until God gives them more and more.  After God had given David land, cattle, goats, camels, a great home, servants and basically everything he needed (except health insurance, they didn't say he got health insurance) he sleeps with a married woman and then has her husband killed.  What? Yes, unfortunately that is what happened.

We also met Nathan. I didn't know Nathan was a Biblical name. Nathan is a good man - he is a prophet and tries to keep David straight with messages from God about when he has screwed up.  It seems strange to me that a man that has got to where he is by listening and following God's instructions now has to have an assistant to tell him what God says.

I also find it interesting that none of these God following good leaders that God has found favor with and given wealth to are able to raise children that are followers of God's ways. In fact David's son raped his daughter.

In addition to the already mentioned things, David goes into battle after battle (which again would make an excellent movie) and wins even when the odds are against him.  David is able to conquer armies larger and better equipped than his, all because God wanted the best for Israel.

I really thought from the middle of this book on, that the book would end with the death of David . . . but it didn't and he is still alive.

Fact:   A word that I have only read in the Bible - Concubine.

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