Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lisa and Doug Burnworth

As part of a 30 Day Blog Challenge and because it's Thanksgiving, I am making tribute to great people in our lives.  They are in no particular order and because there are only 30 days and I also will be covering other items of news not everyone who has impacted our life will be included this year.

Tonight I am featuring Lisa and Doug Burnworth, a wonderful couple who operate a small dairy operation and Harvest Adventures.  Doug has been a farmer all of his life and is a delight to be around. Doug smiles all the time and has a great realistic outlook on life.  Like other farmers he problem solves and fixes things.

Lisa was in the banking business and now a farmer's wife and entrepreneur takes in information, researches, takes notes and runs numbers like no one I have ever seen.  The woman is a genius and I am sure could start any business she wanted to and be successful.

The best things about this couple is they are some of the most giving and genuine people we know.  They would do anything for anyone.  They are always home and welcome visitors.  We have often stopped after the sun has gone down and sat on their front porch swing talking about life. The best part is you can share your dreams and get realistic advice.

She also has answered many questions business and tax related, for free.  Just this evening she was giving me advice on employees collecting unemployment and the documentation that we should keep.  I believe that it was useful information that I could have waited two hours on the phone for a government employee to answer or have spent $150.08 to have an accountant answer it. Thanks Lisa!
My favorite story about Doug and Lisa:  When they were first married, Doug asked his wife (a non farm girl) to take the tractor and disk and to disk three times around the field.  To my non farm readers this means to go around the outside once, then move over the width of the disk to the inside and disk another round and then repeat that process to do another round on the inside of that one. It would be kind of like disking three lanes on the three outside lanes of a track field.  When Doug got to the field she had gone three times around the outside. So she really disked the same spot three times.

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