Thursday, November 1, 2012

What do middle school students need to know about Agriculture?

I spent the morning at mass for All Saints Day. It was Jaelin's Kindergarden's class first mass.  I thought they did an exceptional job behaving themselves.

I then spent an hour this afternoon with the seventh and eighth graders at St. Mary's School, who will be future meal time decision makers.  We had great discussions about where there food comes from.  Most of the students are non-farm kids and I was able to get some of my questions answered too.  In conversation I asked if any of them had seen the Chipotle advertisements about pork production.  After several strange looks, they said we have no idea what your talking about.  SCORE one for the farmers.

We only had an hour, we covered a lot of information.  They asked some good questions like, they wanted to know the difference between ground chuck and ground round.  We talked about animal behavior, the chain of events cattle go through to get to their plate, Temple Grandin, job opportunities within the Agriculture Industry and ended talking about how the world needs all kinds of minds. I was invited back and we will be discussing some issues and hot topics in Agriculture.  Please send me ideas and websites for what you think is important for what seventh and eighth graders need to know about their food choices.  This may become a research project for them. Talking with the youth of America about real life topics is inspiring, awakening, educational and is highly recommended.

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