Monday, November 12, 2012

Dr. Mary Lou McGregor

 When Jaelin was born I noticed a small white mark on her eye.  When we went to her 6 week check up, I remembered at the end of the appointment to have the doctor look at it.  He said, "Oh, we better make an appointment at Children's".  I was devastated, I really thought he was going to say it was a birth mark.  Just a few weeks later, Jake and I took her to get it checked and we met Dr. McGregor.  She told us she had a birth defect - I cried my eyes out. All I could think of was everything I may have done that could have given Jaelin a cataract birth defect.

Dr. McGregor is a wonderful doctor and is so good with Jaelin.  Now that Jaelin is learning more and more of her letters with accuracy it is really changing the way they can test her vision.  Dr. McGregor is very excited with Jaelin's patching and the progress being made.  Jaelin received a patch chart in the mail with her free patches, from the Amblyopia Center (where many of you have donated $1, when you renew your drivers license - Thank You!)  She took the chart with all of her used patches on it, so Dr. McGregor could see how hard she had been working.  Dr. McGregor of course with her great demeanor with kids, told her good job and gave her two prizes.

The good news is she has been reduced to four hours of patching a day.  We will go back in January and may go down to two hours.  Dr. McGregor is confident we will be done patching in April, by Jaelin's sixth birthday. I asked her at dinner tonight, if she wanted to have a party when she was done patching?  Jake said yeah everyone will have to wear a patch, except Jaelin.  Jaelin seemed to like the idea.

We've come a long way, I am so glad we are nearing the end.

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