Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jamie Poorman Snider

I was born about 11 months after my cousin Jamie. We grew up about 1 mile from each other, only one large hill kept us from each others homes.  However we met up a lot at the farm, where we kept our steer and heifer 4-H projects.  Many of my childhood memories include her. We grew up through 4-H together and survived elementary and high school together. When I was 8 she shared her bunk bed at 4-H camp with me, for my benefit not hers.  She apparently came to many of my childhood birthday parties, probably again not her choice.

This is my first birthday.  I think Jamie was going to blow out my candle.
From the left is Aunt Carol feeding Julie (I'm glad she finally mastered the spoon and a pair of scissors so she can now cut my hair ), me, Jodi, Jamie and Jason

I am betting you wish you never gave this to me. However it had the nicest message on the back.  We have been through a lot some good, some bad, some sad, and some hilarious and I too hope our friendship continues.

The national scarecrow contest we entered and won as twin baby scarecrows.  Did we get paid for this? We should have?

Many days spent playing in this room.  Where it was 95 degrees year around. (L-R) Grandma Poorman, Jenny, Jamie,  Janice, Jason, Jodi, and Julie

What percentage of our childhoods were spent at the Perry County Fair?

She is my "phone call away".  I have called her in a panic about Christmas Card pictures, videos and babysitting and she always comes through. Jamie thanks for growing up with me (not like you had a choice).

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