Thursday, November 8, 2012

A year of for the love of beef . . .

One year ago I started blogging, because of a good friend Jennifer Blosser. Jennifer has been blogging at Sew Its Midnight Mama for years and was the encouragement for me to start blogging. My special thank you goes to Jennifer this evening for starting me on this journey - it was a great idea.

It has been a great year of sharing and making memories. I feel like I can share things through my blog that would be hard to say in person.  I also feel like I can share ideas and news in the agriculture world.  Most importantly I get to share our love of beef, the industry and the people that champion beef.

Over the year I have earned 60 official followers. I have written 292 posts. I was most surprised by how the weather interferes with the reading of my blog.  Apparently the agriculturally related content is majorly changed with rain and nice weather.  My reading numbers dropped as the weather became warmer throughout the summer and are gaining as it is cooling down.

I have had about 39,952 hits (which means this blog will send me over the 40,000 mark) and my top 5 blogs read are:

Cow Sex has 1,954 hits - unfortunately because I let Jake name the blog and there are a lot of weird people Googling many outlandish things.

Authentically my number one blog is Mentor and fellow Cattleman Rick Wyer  which was hard for me to write, but a great thing about a blog is, it is easier to write then speak your true feelings. It currently has 1,202 hits.

The third blog totaling 601 hits is American Pickers - but I think that is because a lot of people Google American Pickers.  I do wonder if Mike, Frank or Danielle have read my blog?

The fourth favorite blog on fortheloveofbeef was number one for the longest with 336 hits. Actually Happy Cows Live Everywhere was number one for almost seven months.  The picture from that blog also was third in the farm category at the Belmont County Fair. I believe that this blog was the first to be shared on another website.  I still feel very special when someone links my blog to their website or social media site.

Rounding out the top 5 with 263 hits is Jason Aldean, say it isnt so. For obvious twitter reasons.

In case you are wondering if I know who is reading and how many times and what you read. I DON'T!  I just have numbers of what is read.  Sometimes I do wonder - who would be reading blogs that were written in the past, that come up for what seems like no reason.  I hope that they are helping someone, inspiring someone or cheering someone up.

I send a thank you to all of the people that tune in fortheloveofbeef.
I would love to hear from you through becoming an official follower and then commenting on here, through Facebook or Twitter.  I would love to hear which of the fortheloveofbeef posts is your favorite.


  1. Congratulations, Janice! I can't believe it's been a year! Keep up the good work! Tell the girls hi!

    1. Thanks for reading Barb. I will tell them.