Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jason Aldean - say it isn't so

What a wonderful family picture.

Jake and I enjoy listening to Jason Aldean  We listen to him when we work and we drive.  I like just about every one of his songs.  It is devastating to me that he has cheated on his wife.  I know he apologized to his fans, BUT every time one of his songs come on the radio now all I hear screaming through the speakers is "I am a cheater".  I am so disappointed he ruined his songs for me.  Jake told me to get over it - and I so hope I do.  I just imagined he sang some of those songs to his wife.  I also some how believe that no one gets caught cheating on video the first time.  Someone tell me I am wrong and that this only happened once and he really is married to and still loves his high school sweetheart and that he loves his children and is a wonderful father.  I would also like to hear that he loves his wife and cares about her like he did before he made millions and became famous.

I'll just say a little prayer for their marriage, keep listening to his music (because it is too good not to) and wait to read Jessica's book on forgiveness.  

If you can't make it to the top with the people you started out with, the people that stood behind you on the way up, and the people you love,  is the trip really the same?

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