Saturday, October 6, 2012


I grew up on State Route 13, a heavily traveled state route where much of Perry County uses to travel from one end of the county to the other.  The road is also used to leave the county to better paying jobs.  Thousands of people travel through here each day.

A few fun facts about this piece of the road are that it is the only place State Route 13 runs east and west.  The road also drops into a valley right through this region.  At one time when the Indians were the only ones living here this ground was a swamp, which makes it excellent bottom ground with dark organic soils.  When they built 13 about the time of the Civil War, they brought steam engine shovels to drain the swamps and build the road. Some people jokingly called it Pioneer Valley, while I was in high school, because my Dad sold DeKalb Seed Corn and the South side of 13 through the Valley was planted with Pioneer seed. If you are one of my non-agriculture readers the funny comes because Pioneer and DeKalb (now Monsanto) are major competitors.  

This time of year the Valley comes alive with election signs.  My Dad is a member of the local Republican Party and a member of the Board of Elections.  Therefore it looks like the Republican Party threw up in his yard.

Sometimes one of the Democratic candidates will sneak in a sign just across the road.

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