Monday, October 8, 2012

My Walmart Boycott

Good point, Sam!

I have not been in Walmart for almost a month and my goal is to not shop in Walmart until Christmas.  I am not sure I can go without Walmart through Christmas shopping.  I usually stuff stockings and get wrapping paper there.  If I can avoid Walmart over Christmas, then I may just make an effort to never shop there again. I realize I will have to pay more for many things, however it is principle.  

I have recently watched and read many things about what Walmart stands for.  I have decided from what I have heard and read they don't stand for much.  I am extremely disappointed in any business that has no values.  I would be alright if they would say they stood for something. For example I don't believe they do what is best for their employees, customers, community or country.  Really I don't think they care about anything but making money.  Don't get me wrong I like money and I think if you are running a business making money should be high on a priority list.  I do believe that a goal for businesses should be to make a profit.  But, what you do with the profit is crucial to your morals, values and what you stand for.  Until Walmart makes a stand for something, I am making a stand to try to stay out of their stores.

Does anyone remember the song from Aaron Tippin You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything?

If you want to read more Oppose Walmart has some information worth reading. Maybe it's not true.

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