Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Cows Live Everywhere

The topic seems to come up a lot about the feelings of animals.  After reading articles, seeing Facebook statuses or seeing television programs, Jake and I get in these discussions about animal feelings.  I think animals have feelings, but then they are over.  Wouldn't that be nice!  They don't have feelings they carry around with them, write books about, talk to their counselors about. This is really how God intended us to be. For example if one steer shoves another at the bunk at breakfast, I'm not sure it hurts its feelings long enough to not come to breakfast the next day, or not to eat next to that animal ever again.
Cattle in the receiving alley of 4+ Feeders.  Jake and I own a feedlot in Lexington, Nebraska

Jake I care about the well being of all animals.  We take pride in owning cattle and feeding cattle for cattle producers across the United States.  Although our daily lives are filled with finding feed sources, billing, check book balances and all of the things that make business happen.  Our dream of raising cattle together that started one warm summer night at a tractor pull didn't initially include any of those things.  Our goals started by carrying on a family tradition from both sides to raise a quality product for our family, friends and neighbors.  We have had animals shipped to the lot from several different states.  These cattle to the right were shipped from Virginia, riding on a truck for 1435 miles in around 22 hours.  I don't think they enjoyed the ride.  When they get to the lot, they want their own dry space to lay down, a rumen full of hay and clean fresh water.  Jake always no matter what time it is (usually it's 3AM) makes sure they have these things.  They sure look happy now.  


  1. I kinda asked myself the same question while working in feedyards of the Texas Panhandle. Pretty sure as I saw calves stretched out, bellies full, soaking up the sun, chewing their cud, I became kind of jealous.

    1. Thanks for reading. This seems to be everyone's favorite blog. Thanks so much for the link. You must have a big following because my blog number nearly doubled this evening. Thanks for the link.